Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Go Gold Sugar Skull

This month is Childhood Cancer awareness month and in honor of that I was asked by Jo Khalaf to participate with many other artists all over the world in creating an art piece to share and promote awareness for this cause.  She created an event page called Go Gold for Childhood Cancer Awareness Month on facebook where you can join thousands of artists all over the world in this more than worthy cause.

 I decided to do this for a few reasons...

1. I have children and if anything like this were to happen to them I would do anything in my power to fight for them. There is no love stronger than a Mother's love.

2. My work revolves around children so, this just felt like the perfect way for me to use my talents to give back. Children are our hope and future. Nothing breaks my heart more like seeing a sick or hurt child. If we can raise money to help find a cure to protect our children then, I will do whatever I can.

 4. It takes nothing for me to paint an art piece and post it on Social Media. That is what I do and how I promote my own work so, if I can take a minute and use that power to promote something bigger than me then, of course I'm going to do it.

 As an artist I hope you will join too and paint or create a simple or complex Gold look and use the Hash tag #GoGold and #ChildhoodCancerAwareness. Then share these links:



For this design I used the following products:

Celebre Pro HD Foundation
Setting powder
Eye and Cheek Palette
Metallic Gold Powder

Ben Nye:
Grand Lumiere Palette
Glitter Glue

Cameleon Face and Body Paint:
Mini Dermaniac Pallette by Matteo

Sugar Face and Body Art Glitter:
Diamantes de oro

Swarovski Crystals

You can view the video on Instagram here https://instagram.com/p/7cU_IZCbnt/?taken-by=shawnadelreal

Happy Painting my friends,

Be blessed and be a blessing.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Luminess Air System and Makeup review

About a month or so ago I was sent this Luminess Air compressor and Makeup kit for review. I was very excited as I love airbrush and am happy to try new things to let you all know what I think.

First off I want to start by breaking down the set for you. It comes with the following:
A compact personal size compressor, hose, airbrush, water bottle, Ac adapter, clear instructions including video, 2 bottles of foundation (I chose medium in the Ultra formula), a moisturizer, blush and highlighter.

 System Pros and Cons:
Pros- Compact System means traveling with this is easy peasy. Also, leaving it out on a vanity takes up no room at all. The compressor and airbrush itself is nice for a beginner or for anyone just wanting something light and compact to travel with.

Cons- As a pro this is not a system that would work for big jobs. There is only an On and Off switch. No control over psi and is a single action spray which means not much control so, no fine work for this airbrush. (*I just found out there is a pro system which may be a better choice for makeup artists who really need a workhorse)
With that being said I still think it's great for the everyday woman and her daily makeup routine. 

Makeup Pros and Cons:
Pros- Luminess Air foundations are Mineral and water based so, that means no clogged pores and it's great for sensitive skins. The Ultra foundation is very beautiful and is very buildable. You will see in the photos below how I start off with a light coverage and build to medium then, full coverage. It really covered all of my sun damage skin, redness and blemishes as you can see below. I looked flawless in the final pics (the images are not edited in anyway except being cropped and watermarked) The colors are very nice and very much look like natural skin tones. I would like to see more. I actually match Shade 3 foundation perfectly. 

Cons- This foundation is probably nicer for a drier skin or better in the colder months. It is the dead of Summer and my makeup just melted off like any other foundation as soon as I started to perspire unless I was in a climate controlled room. (I maybe should have tried the matte formula for summer even though I am not oily). When I was in air conditioning my makeup lasted from day to night so, their really isn't a con here if the makeup I chose was right for my skin type.

My overall experience with the Luminess Air system has been great. Since the makeup is water based it's easy to clean and I haven't had any issues clogging unlike some other systems I've tried. I think I'm going to look into the Matte formula foundation for longer wear. After I try that I will let you know what I think. 

If you would like to see a video demo leave a comment below and I will make one for you on my youtube channel.


 One single pass with light pressure = Sheer coverage
 2 passes with light pressure = Medium Coverage
3 passes with light pressure  = Full coverage + Added Blush
Full face of makeup added no photo editing.
A little added face paint and my skin underneath still looks flawless.

Luminess Air was kind enough to send me a promo code for all of my readers good through 
October 31st, 2015 for 20% off. 
Just enter this code at check out and let me know what you think about the system. 
Promo code 88421029891

Monday, August 10, 2015

Up comming face painting Workshops and Classes

In case you missed it, I will be teaching two face painting classes and one face painting workshop at the Bayfaba convention in San Francisco at the end of this month.

 In my first class I will be teaching you a couple of Masquerade Mask designs from simple to elaborate. These designs are best suited for teens and adults. The designs taught in this class are considered private appointment designs or designs that you can use to wow your clients. This is not your average party face design.

 In my second class I will be teaching you Creative eye designs including designs that can be used at Children's parties and at Adult events. I will show you how to "Complete the look" by adding a few quick details to make your designs photo ready.

 I will be teaming up with Ronnie Mena on Sunday in a 6 hour Sugar Skull workshop. You will be learning hands on techniques including placement and elements that define a feminine or masculine Sugar Skull. Note - This workshop is not included in your registration cost.

 To sign up for this convention simply head over to www.bayfaba.com and check out all of the other amazing classes being offered. I look forward to see you there.

Happy Painting my friends,

Monday, June 8, 2015

Birds of a feather face painting

 Friday night I was stalking the internet looking for a beautiful bird to paint on my face for my Saturday gig. I decided to basically copy a design from my friend and all around amazing artist Ronnie Mena. Little did I know and without any advanced planning that he painted a bird on his face too for our gig together. It's true what they say "Birds of a feather flock together" I'm so glad to have such amazing people in my life that I admire and call my friends.

Who are the amazing people in your life that inspire you? Let's inspire each other on this Makeup Monday.

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